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A professional services company, uniquely qualified to provide best-in-class support to our standing customers in the following areas:

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Military Support
  • Military Support
    ROSETech Solution supports our men and women who serve our Country in the Homeland Defense, Defense Information System Agency, Joint Integration Test Command and USCENTCOM missions. Critical missions, right solutions, saves lives.
  • Video screen command center
    Intelligence Fusion Centers demand reliable, credible, useable data real-time. ROSETech Solutions provide Process Engineering services that identify the data flow in compliance to the security, privacy and governance requirements, so that the right information goes to the right personnel, at the right time.
  • Pharmacy bowl & ladle
    Quality is the essential ingredient in the Pharmaceutical Compounding industry where ROSETech Solutions expertise in the Six Sigma methodology provides a number of tools that are used to reduce variability in an organization's business processes. Delivering quality product that is essential to the health of others.
  • Pharmacy tech
    Supply Chain processes are critical to delivering the right medication with the right dosage to right patient. ROSETech Solution understands the criticality of ensuring quality product is delivered on time. Exceptional quality also has a great impact on the user experience and encourages word-of-mouth advertising for product offerings.
  • Contingency Planning and Resilience
    Natural Disasters like Katrina's Hurricane tragic event in New Orleans, LA created a task force to address the Contingency Planning and Resilience. ROSETech Solutions participated in the development of such a plan, critical for Emergency Communications planning.
  • Speeding vehicles at night
    Mobility is a key component to the business world today. ROSETech Solutions provide expertise from years of research providing traffic information directly to the commuter, real time.
  • Camera on pole
    ROSETech Solutions provide program management services in the Intelligent Transportation Systems Wireless Solutions proven to be valuable the Incident and Emergency Operations events.
  • Incident Support vehicle
    ROSETech Solutions understands the critical mission of the local incident response from the Fire, Sheriff, Police, Emergency Operations and Traffic Management. Providing their community the best quality service when they need it the most.
  • Deborah Rose at facility meeting
    ROSETech Solutions provides project management office expertise and personnel to facilitate work sessions in their clients environment, executes process engineering mapping and project manages teams to roll out six sigma methodology, Six Sigma is a quality process that specifies the number of defects in a product can not exceed 3.4 defect per million. This is a quality goal that many companies, from commercial baker to computer chip manufacturers, strive to attain.
Life Cycle Management

Life Cycle Management ROSETech Solutions systematically follows the stages of lifecycle management necessary to plan, execute and operate all aspects of your Business Requirements and Technology Solutions.


Process Engineering

ROSETech Solutions seeks first to understand your End-To-End processes; our customers' processes are the foundation upon which requirement creation and development are based on. This upfront process work is done so that the mission will not suffer from the lack of it later.


ROSETech Solutions recognizes not all decisions are made by consensus and not all changes are accepted without resistance. Our team understands the importance of facilitating towards the mission goals and objectives through the cornerstone of Communication Planning and Change Management processes, with a clear understanding that processes do not make things happen; people do!